Thapki Pyar Ki’s lead actress Jigyasa Singh gets replaced by Hunar Hale suddenly

Jun 03, 2017

Thapki Pyar Ki latest news: Jigyasa Singh’s sudden illness forces makers to rope in Hunar Hale in her place with a new track

Here is some disappointing news for all Thapki Pyar Ki fans out there. The lead actress of the show Jigyasa Singh is suddenly going to be replaced with a new actress because of unavoidable circumstances. News going around suggests that beautiful actress Hunar Hale will soon be entering Thapki Pyar Ki and she will play the leading role of the show. This will definitely be quite disappointing for fans who are confused about Jigyasa’s sudden absence. Well, the reason behind Jigyasa not being able to continue with the show is her sudden illness. The actress has been diagnosed with Swine Flu and she is very unwell. Jigyasa is suffering from a very contagious case of Swine Flu and she has to take bed rest for one month that too in isolation. Since it is impossible for Jigyasa to resume work under these conditions, the makers of the show have decided to come up with a new track which will introduce Hunar Hale on the show. However, it is being reported that Hunar will only be on the show on a temporary basis and Jigyasa is expected to return to shoot once she gets better. The decision to rope in Hunar has happened quite suddenly and makers are hoping that the viewers accept the news actress in lace of Jigyasa. It is heard that if Hunar Hale’s track is liked by viewers then she may continue even after Jigyasa’s return. Jigyasa is currently getting treatment in hospital and here’s hoping that the popular actress gets better soon. Stay tune for more news and updates on Thapki Pyar Ki.

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