Tu Aashiqui latest news: Here’s why Pankti refuses to go for Ahaan’s concert

Jan 18, 2018

Tu Aashiqui latest news: Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) and Ahaan’s (Ritvik Arora) romantic moment as Ahaan prepares for concert

The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Tu Aashiqui will show that Pankti will refuse to go for Ahaan’s concert although family member will ask her to go along with him for support. Ahaan’s dream is finally coming true as he is having his own concert where he can showcase his talent in front of thousands of people. Ahaan and Pankti’s life is getting on track as the two lovers are all set to marry now. Moreover, Ahaan’s career is also getting on track and therefore all of Ahaan’s dreams are coming true.

JD gives his blessings to Ahaan

Viewers will now get to see that Ahaan will be all set to leave for his concert and he will take blessings from all family members. JD will also bless Ahaan to perform well. However, the family members will ask Pankti to join Ahaan but she will refuse. Pankti feels that Ahaan will not be able to perform well if she goes along with him. This will lead to a romantic eye-lock between Ahaan and Pankti and the two will be lost in each other’s love. However, Ahaan’s father will make the lovers snap out of their moment so that Ahaan won’t be late for his concert.  Will Ahaan’s concert be a success or will he face a new hurdle? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Tu Aashiqui.

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