Tu Aashiqui latest news: JD breaks all ties with Pankti and apologizes to her

Jan 19, 2018

Tu Aashiqui latest news: Ahaan (Ritvik Arora) saves Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) from intense confrontation with JD

The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Tu Aashqui will show a sudden change in JD’s behavior as he will decide to break all ties with Pankti and forget their past relationship. Ahaan and Pankti are all set to get married to each other and JD gives his blessings for the relationship. Soon, viewers are going to see an intense moment as JD will find Pankti all alone in the living room and Pankti will be tensed seeing him. JD will tell Pankti that he is waiting for a cup of tea and Pankti will be quite nervous and will apologies to him. Just as JD starts to confront with Pankti, Ahaan will come there and Pankti will be relieved seeing him. JD will taunt Pankti and Ahaan that they have the rest of their lives for romance.

JD regretful for his past torture on Pankti and Ahaan

Till now JD has created lot of troubles for Pankti and Ahaan and made their lives miserable but now he wants to forget the past. JD has decided to accept Pankti as the daughter in law of his hosue and forget the past relationship he shared with her. JD tells Pankti that he wants to break all past ties with her and also apologizes to her for all the pain he has caused to her.  Although Ahaan and Pankti are happy with JD’s changed behavior it is still not sure whether JD has really changed or he is just doing a drama. Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Tu Aashiqui. 

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