Tu Aashiqui latest news: Manav and Ahaan’s major tiff post engagement fiasco

Jan 29, 2018

Tu Aashiqui latest news: Ahaan (Ritvik Arora) and Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani)’s marriage plans in trouble

The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Tu Aashiqui will show some tensed moments in the Dhanrajgir house after Pankti and Ahaan’s engagement night. Anita creates a big drama amid the engagement ceremony as he announces in front of everyone that her daughter Pankti is a call girl and she is her agent. The family gets completely shocked by this revelation and everyone faces a big embarrassment. However, the next day after the engagement, Ahaan starts acting very normal as if nothing has happened the previous night.

Ahaan’s normal behavior irks Manav

All family members gather around the breakfast table and are silent and tensed. Pankti comes there being scared and she touches everyone’s feet to seek blessings. However, Ahaan walks in happily and ask Pankti to give her engagement ring so that he can alter the size. Just as Ahaan is about to leave, Manav scolds Ahaan for behaving so normally. Manav tells Ahaan that the family respect has been completely ruined in front of all guests and therefore he should join the family to discuss about the issue. However, Ahaan tells Manav that nothing has changed for him and he is still going to marry Pankti. Ahaan feels that a drunkard woman ruined his function but he will not change his plans because of her actions. However, Manav is not ready to forget and move on from the incident and will pose a major hurdle in Ahaan and Pankti’s marriage plans. Stay tuned for latest news, futures story updates and spoilers on Tu Aashiqui.




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