Tu Aashiqui latest news: Pankti bursts out in anger with Ahaan’s innocent flirting

Jan 12, 2018

Tu Aashiqui latest news: Misunderstanding makes Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) burst out in anger on Ahaan (Ritvik Arora)

The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Tu Aashiqui will showcase some tense moments in the JD mansion as Pankti will burst out in anger after a misunderstanding. Pankti has moved into JD’s hosue along with Ahaan and Ahaan promises to protect Pankti but she continues to be traumatized by JD’s presence. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers will get to see that all family members will gather for lunch and Pankti and Ahaan will join them too. Pankti will serve food to all family members but when she comes near JD, her hand will start shaking in fear and she will be on the verge of dropping the food bowl. At this moment Ahaan will come forward and hold Pankti’s hand and support her.

Ahaan pacifies his lady love after she walks away in anger

Later, Ahaan and Pankti will sit next to one another at the table and Ahaan will flirt will Pankti by holding her hand and rubbing his legs against her under the table. However, Pankti will have a misunderstanding as she will think that JD is touching her below the table. Pankti will burst out in anger and will walk away from the table and everyone will be left quite shocked. Pankti will return to her room and will be furious but Ahaan will go after Pankti and will pacify her. Ahaan will bring back Pankti to the dinner table after convincing her that it was him and not JD who was flirting with her. Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Tu Aashiqui. 

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