Tu Sooraj Mai Saanjh Piyaji Spoiler: Kanak finds Maasi sa's plans decides to expose her

Jan 06, 2018

Tu Sooraj Mai Saanjh Piyaji: Kanak (Rhea Sharma) in Star Plus follows Maasi sa 

The upcoming episode of Star Plus daily soap Tu Sooraj Mai Saanjh Piyaji is up for some interesting twist in tale. Kanak finds that Maasi Sa has left the party and thus Kanak decides to follow Maasi sa. Kanak (Rhea Sharma) will go on a mission to find out the reason behind Maasi’s (Sadiya Siddiqui) opposition to Uma Shankar’s (Avinesh Rekhi) medical business. “In the forthcoming episodes of the daily, on a visit to Uma Shankar’s laboratory, Neha will suggest that he should sell his medicines to big companies. Maasi, however, will not approve of the idea. Kanak will realize that Maasi’s agenda is not just getting property but something bigger that which involves Uma Shankar.”

Kanak Exposes Maasi sa 

Furthermore, Kanak will try to understand Maasi’s plan and would doubt Aditya’s involvement in it. Meanwhile, Rani (Sheetal Pandya) will tell Kanak that she saw Maasi going into a cybercafe. While Maasi is away, Rani and Kanak will walk into her room. The two will use a hairpin to open her cupboard only to find a bag full of money. Later, Kanak will take the bag to Uma Shankar, but he will shout at her and would ask her to leave. But later, Uma Shankar will be shocked to find money in the bag. Rani and Kanak will try to understand the reason behind Maasi’s disagreement to Uma Shankar’s medical business. Meanwhile, Maasi will plan to sell Uma Shankar’s medicines to overseas clients. Will Maasi be able sell Uma Shankar’s medicines? Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twist.

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