Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13 February 2018: Maasi sa postpones the surgery

Feb 13, 2018

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Aditya forces Maasi to stop Palomi's surgery

Kanak goes to jump and was about to slip off. Uma gets scared and shouts her name. Uma controls himself. Maasi makes Palomi ready for plastic surgery. Kanak tells Aditya that she is commiting suicide because of his mother. Maasi is happy. Kanak says that Aditya's mother reminds her of her mother. Uma says Aditya knows how to communicate with spirits. Aditya agrees. Aditya goes to save Kanak. Kanak calls Uma to save her while Aditya also asks his help. Uma leaves with Kanak. The photo falls down and Aditya picks it. He is shocked to see Palomi's picture. The doctors starts with the surgery of Palomi. Kanak says Aditya that she is her mother. Aditya tells Uma that he knows this women and he has her. Uma asks Aditya to recover Diana and he will complete their marriage tomorrow. Aditya decides to stop Palomi's plastic surgery. Aditya rushes to the hospital. Maasi shows Aditya Palomi's new picture. The doctor tells Maasi that he got a call to stop the operation. Aditya says that he stopped him. Maasi shouts on Aditya. Aditya tells her the whole story. Maasi slaps Aditya. Maasi says this face is the biggest threat for them. 

Maasi postpones the surgery

Aditya takes a knife and shows it to the doctors and Maasi. Maasi calms him saying that his mistake can destroy everything. She asks the doctor to proceed. Aditya tries to kill himself and blackmails Maasi. He forces her to stop. She postpones the surgery saying that she will test Diana. Meanwhile, Aditya comes to Uma's house.

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