Tusshar Kapoor becomes single parent of surrogate baby

Jun 27, 2016

Actor Tusshar Kapoor has become proud father of baby boy Laksshy, born through surrogacy. Tushar intends to be single parent.

Bollywood actor Tusshar Kapoor is suddenly in the news for becoming father. Now for those who are wondering about when Tusshar Kapoor got married and with whom and when his wife got pregnant. Here is a shocker for you guys, Tusshar Kapoor is not married yet. Tusshar has opted for surrogacy and will operate as single father. Tusshar Kapoor has become a proud father of a baby boy whom he has named as ‘Laksshya’.

Tusshar Kapoor is a well known name in bollywood and he comes from much reputed family in Film and TV industry of India. Tusshar is son of veteran actor Jeetendra and is brother of Ektaa Kapoor, who is known as the small screen empress on Indian television.

Tusshar recently made the news of becoming father of Laksshya public. Tusshar addressed the media saying “Bas baap banane ki ichcha thi… 40 years ka ho gaya hu, baap banane ki jaldi thi so ab meri family complete ho gayi.” (I just wanted to be a father. I am already 40 and wanted to be a father quickly, now my family is whole and complete.)

When asked about being a single parent, Tusshar replied “I wanted to be a single parent. My son looks like me so I am very happy. It is your paternal instinct. I was mentally ready last year when I met the doctor. I owe my fatherhood to him.”

Apparently the option of surrogacy was suggested to Tusshar by Prakash Jha. On this Tusshar added “I didn’t want to adopt so I went ahead with this.”

On his family’s reaction Tusshar said “Ekta is also very excited. She has become a bua. Ekta is a June baby and so is my son, so she says that he’s my twin. She got him the name Laksshya too. Along with me, my parents and Ekta are the care takers of the baby.”

Apparently Laksshya is just a week old right now. Check out the adorable picture of Laksshya with his grandfather Jeetendra.

jeetendra lak

We congratulate Tusshar Kapoor on his new journey of fatherhood. Drop in your congratulatory messages for Tusshar in the comments section below.


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