Udaan: Bhaiyaji starves Suraj for food post making him Bandhua

Dec 26, 2016

Udaan Latest News: Kamal Narayan turns Suraj a Bandhua, disallows Chakor from giving Suraj food and water

The upcoming episode of Colors' popular show Udaan will bring in new twists where in Bhaiyaji aka Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) will be seen tightening his clutches around Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria), Chakor (Meera Deosthale), Vivaan (Paras Arora) and Imli (Vidhi Pandya). As seen till now, Chakoe manages to send Suraj away from Kamal Narayan's captivation. However, Kamal Narayan tortures Chakor's parents and shoots her mother Kasturi. Chagan informs this to Suraj and shocked Suraj decides to come back against Chakor's wish. On the other side, Vivaan gets trapped in the molestation blame by his secretory. Imli stands by Vivaan but Viaan finds it difficult to get out this problem. In the upcoming track of Udaan, Kamal Narayan will be seen taking shocking action against Suraj as he will make his own son Bandhua. Kamal Narayan will be seen putting the stamp of Bandhua on Suraj and will keep him captivated amid the goons. Chakor will try to meet Suraj, but Kamal Narayan will stop Chakor from meeting Suraj. Moreover Kamal Narayan will disallow Chakor to take food and water for Suraj. Kamal Narayan will start suraj and will keep him thirsty. Chakor will feel helpless and worried for Suraj. Will Chakor get Suraj freed from Kamal Narayan? To know, keep reading this space for updates on Colors' show Udaan.

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