Udaan: Bhaiyaji traps Suraj, Chakor desperate to save Suraj

Dec 18, 2016

Udaan Latest News: Kamal Narayan aka Bhaiyaji hides Suraj away from Chakor, Bhaiyaji challenges Chakor to find Suraj

The upcoming episode of Colors show Udaan is going to show high voltage twist as Bhaiyaji aka Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) will trap and hide Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) and will challenge Chakor (Meera Deosthale) to find and save Suraj. The story line of Udaan has been dealing with the track of cat and mouse run amid Bhaiyaji - Chakor - Suraj for quite a long time now and hence the TRP of the show has started declining a bit. So coming back to the story track, Kamal Narayan aka Bhaiyaji will once again succeed in trapping Suraj after trying to trap Chakor. It is seen that Chakor gets blamed for dope usage during the marathon and loses her Marathon title. Chakor gets shattered with the blame. Suraj supports and consoles Chakor while both Suraj and Chakor come to know that this was Kamal Narayan's plan. Kamal Narayan forces Chakor to take retirement from her Sports Career by blackmailing her over Suraj's life. However, in the upcoming episode of Udaan, Kamal Narayan will once again strike against Suraj and Chakor and will manage to trap and hide Suraj. Kamal Narayan will also challenge Chakor to find Suraj. Chakor will be seen desperately looking for Suraj and will end up countering Kamal Narayan again. KAmal Narayan will be seen instigating Chakor. Will Chakor find Suraj and save him from Kamal Narayan. Stay tuned in for more updates on Colors' show Udaan.

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