Udaan: Chakor loses Marathon Title in Kamal Narayan's trap

Dec 08, 2016

Udaan Latest News: Kamal Narayan traps Chakor leading to Chakor losing Marathon Winner Title, media goes against Chakor

The upcoming episode of Colors' show Udaan will bring in major twist as Chakor (Meera Deosthale) will get in major trap laid by evil Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) and will lose her most precious Marathon Title. It is seen that Kamal Narayan wants to destroy Chakor and Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) completely and hence is trapping them smartly. Chakor is seen leaving for Delhi as she has to meet media personnel regarding the documentary. However, this is Kamal Narayan's trap. Suraj worries for Chakor and goes after Chakor and joins her in the Bus Journey to Delhi. Suraj and Chakor come closer during the bus journey and during a celebration in a village, get remarried too. However, as Chakor and Suraj reach Delhi, Chakor will be seen facing major shock. Chakor's title of Marathon Winner will be challenged and Chakor will be blamed of having the Marathon title in illegal way. This Chakor's Marathon Title will be taken away while Media too will go against Chakor. Chakor will be completely disheartened and shocked. Chakor will realize that this is done by Kamal Narayan and she will ask Suraj to leave as she no longer can be Suraj's savior. Chakor will get hyper and worried about Suraj's safety while Suraj will try to console and support Chakor. Chakor will refuse to eat anything and will worry about Suraj. Finally Suraj will make Chakor drink alcohol mixed juice to put Chakor to sleep. Keep reading this space for more updates on Colors' show Udaan.

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