Udaan Shocking News: Kamal Narayan kills Chakor's unborn baby

Nov 21, 2017

Udaan Latest News: Kamal Narayan beats up Chakor, Imli enjoys Chakor's pain

The upcoming twist in Colors' serial Udaan will leave the fans of Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) and Chakor (Meera Deosthale) in shock, in pain and surely unhappy. Udaan serial is showing the high intense drama of Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) and Imli (Vidhi Pandya) trying to kill Chakor and her baby. After unsuccessful attempts of Kamal Narayan, finally the upcoming twist will work in favor of Kamal Narayan and Imli. It is seen that Kamal Narayan tries to blackmail Chakor while Chakor is determined to get Kamal Narayan arrested. Chakor has even got the proofs against Kamal Narayan. On the other hand, Imli is playing the double game of being Chakor's secret keeper and Kamal Narayan's informer. Meanwhile, Suraj and Chakor are seen having some cute romantic moments over Chakor's pregnancy. However, Chakor will have a sad fate on the day of her Godh Bharai as Kamal Narayan and Imli will strike their plan against Chakor. On the day of Chakor's baby shower, Suraj will suddenly have to go to Banaras to deal with Ranvijay's case. Seizing the opportunity, Kamal Narayan will kidnap little Pakhi. Imli will inform everyone about Kamal Narayan kidnapping Pakhi and Chakor will decide to chase him to save Pakhi. Imli will accompany Chakor and will lead Chakor into Kamal Narayan's trap where Kamal Narayan will beat up Chakor with hunter mercilessly. This will result into Chakor losing her baby while Imli will be seen enjoying Chakor's pain. This sequence will ultimately lead to Kamal Narayan getting killed by Chakor. Indeed a sad turn of events. Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Udaan serial.

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