Udaan Spoiler: Chakor's pregnancy to unite Suraj and Chakor

Sep 13, 2017

Udaan Latest News: Chakor to soon realize that she is pregnant with Suraj's baby

The upcoming episode of Colors' serial Udaan will bring a massive twist in the tale of Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) and Chakor (Meera Deosthale). Udaan serial is currently showing the separation track of Suraj and Chakor, thanks to Imli (Vidhi Pandya). Imli is having huge misunderstandings towards Chakor and hence Imli wants to kill her sister Chakor. However, Imli's attempt of killing Chakor goes fail as Chakor survives the fatal attack. Imli holds Chakor responsible for the mishaps happened amid Imli and Vivaan. Imli wants to separate Suraj and Chakor. But Chakor and Suraj are unaware of Imli's hatred and hence fail to realize that Imli is trying to separate them. After Chakor goes missing, Imli tries to instigate Suraj against Chakor. When Imli realizes that Chakor is alive, she blocks Chakor's calls from Suraj's phone. Imli even tells Chakor to stay away from Aazadgunj as Chakor may get attacked again. Suraj comes to know that Chakor is in Banaras and hence Suraj reaches Banaras. Imli reaches to Banaras with Suraj and brainwashes Chakor to stay away from Suraj as Suraj has joined hands with Kamal Narayan to kill Chakor. Imli is desperately trying to save herself by keeping Suraj and Chakor away. However, soon it will be revealed that Chakor is pregnant with Suraj's baby. It is known that Suraj and Chakor had married secretly and had consummated the marriage. Chakor will come to know that she is pregnant and this will play a major role in Suraj and Chakor union. Excited for the upcoming drama in Udaan? Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Udaan serial.

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