Udaan: Villagers attack Suraj, Chakor saves him, Sukor romance on cards

Jan 08, 2018

Udaan Latest News: Suraj attacked by Villagers, Chakor fights back for Suraj

The upcoming episode of Colors' serial Udaan will show some action packed drama as Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) will be attacked by the Aazadgunj villagers for following Imli's (Vidhi Pandya) orders. After turning Imli's slave, Suraj follows each and every order of Imli to the T and has forgotten Chakor (Meera Deosthale). On the other hand, Chakor is trying to bring back Suraj's memory and is also supporting the villagers against Imli and Ranvijay (Vikas Bhalla). It is seen that Imli is using Suraj against Chakor while Chakor is going on failing Imli and Ranvijay's plan against the Aazadgunj villagers. Chakor starts teaching the self-defense techniques to the Aazadgunj villagers to safeguard against Imli and Ravijay's goons.

Udaan News: Suraj looks after Chakor's injury

In the upcoming episode of Udaan serial, Suraj will be seen carrying medicines approved by Imli in the truck which will be stopped by the villagers. The villagers will try to get the medicines from the truck, however, Suraj will stop them. Villagers will attack Suraj while Suraj will try to fight back. Soon, Suraj will be joined by Chakor who will help Suraj to fight back. Later, after the fight, Suraj will realize that Chakor is hurt and he will tend Chakor's injury. Suraj and Chakor will share some close moments but Suraj will tell Chakor to get off the truck. Chakor will make a drama of being injured and will make Suraj carry her in his arms. Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Udaan serial.

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