Udaan: Vivaan's secretary to create trouble for Imli & Vivaan

Jan 07, 2017

Udaan Latest News: Vivaan and Imli to think of securing future by buying a new home, Vivaan's secretary to plot against Vivaan

Lot of action and drama is currently taking place in Colors' show Udaan as Kamal Narayan (Sai Ballal) and Ragini have tightened their clutches around Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria), Chakor (Meera Deosthale), Imli (Vidhi Pandya) and Vivaan (Paras Arora). As reported earlier, Chakor's attempts to hide away Suraj from Kamal Narayan are going to go in vain as Kamal Narayan will once again trap Suraj and will shockingly make Suraj his Bandhua worker. Chakor will go to a great extent to stop Kamal Narayan, however, she will fail in front of Kamal Narayan and his goons from saving Suraj. Chakor will be seen emotionally broken down with Suraj turning Kamal Narayan's Bandhua. On the other side, Imli and Vivaan will be seen worried about Suraj and Chakor. Imli and Vivaan will be seen worried about their future. Imli and Vivaan will think of stabilizing their future and will plan further. Imli will think of buying a new home for them and their family. Vivaan will agree with Imli too, however, Vivaan's secretary will be seen keeping an eye on Viaan and Imli. Vivaan's secretary will listen to Vivaan and Imli's conversation and will inform it to someone. Even earlier Vivaan's secretary had tried to put Vivaan in trouble by putting molestation charges on Vivaan. Will Vivaan and Imli fall in grave trouble in the upcoming track of Udaan? Keep reading this space for more updates on Colors' show Udaan.

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