Who Apna Sa: Ridhi Dogra aka Nisha quits, 20 year leap & reincarnation track begins

Sep 24, 2017

Who Apna Sa latest news: Ridhi Dogra decides to quit show, Aditya (Sudeep Sahir) and Jhanvi (Disha Parmar) take rebirth to seek revenge from Nisha

Here is some shocking news from Zee TV’s popular sow Who Apna Sa. The show is all set to go in for a 20 year time leap and one of the leading actors of the show has decided to quit. News is that actress Ridhi Dogra, who essays the pivotal role of Nisha Jindal on the show, has decided to move out of the show. The reason for Ridhi to quit Who Apna Sa is plain and simple- the actress does not want to play an older character. Talking about her decision to quit, Rishi Dogra has said that she has already informed the production team about her decision to leave the show and there is no bad blood between them. Moreover, the actress reveals that the makers had promised that they would not make her look much older in the leap track but the actress was skeptical. The actress believes that it was a big risk and she is not yet ready to age on screen as yet. Ridhi was quite clear that she did not want to drag herself to the set everyday cribbing and complaining and therefore she decided to quit.  Currently, Ridhi’s character Nisha is a shown as a mother to two daughters and this would require her to play the role of a 50 year old woman. Who Apna Saa will soon show the other two lead characters Aditya and Jhanvi getting killed. This will lead to a reincarnation track where the two will reunite after re-birth and seek revenge from Nisha. Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Who Apna Sa.

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