Woh Apna Sa: Nisha & Chini's suicide drama to scare Aditya

Feb 06, 2017

Woh Apna Sa Latest News: Nisha and Chini make fake suicidal drama to check Aditya's concern for Chini

Recently started Zee TV show Woh Apna Sa starring Disha Parmar, Ridhi Dogra Vashisht and Sudeep Sahir in lead roles has started grabbing the attention of viewers, with a different and fresh perspective to a family drama. Aditya (Sudeep Sahir) and Nisha (Ridhi Dogra) are tied up in a marital relation which consists no love no affection nor respect. Nisha puts up a drama of being a good wife, a good daughter in law and a good mother, but in reality, Nisha is a cunning woman with greed for money and power. Nisha wants to break Aditya away from his family and even uses his daughters against him. On the other side, Jhanvi (Disha Parmar) is a happy go lucky, sweet and chirpy girl who is always eager to help others. Jhanvi saves Aditya's father when Nisha leaves him alone on the road. Jhanvi gets work in Aditya's office and the relation of Aditya and Jhanvi start off on a cold note. But soon the equations amid Aditya and Jhanvi will be seen changing. As per the latest promo released of Woh Apna Sa, Nisha will play a new game to scare Aditya. As per the promo, Aditya will receive a phone call while working in Office. The call is from Aditya's other daughter and she fumbles on the phone, sounding scared. Aditya rushes at home and finds Nisha and Chini lying on the bed with some tablets fallen around them. Aditya gets highly worried thinking of Nisha and Chini's suicide while Aditya's other daughter comes out laughing. Nisha and Chini too get up and Aditya gets confused.  Nisha tells Aditya that Chini was skeptical if Aditya loves her and hence Nisha suggested the suicide drama. Aditya gets highly furious on Nisha for the suicide drama. Will Nisha create trouble amid Aditya and his daughters in Woh Apna Sa? Stay tuned in for more updates on the show.

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