Woh Apna Sa: Nisha threatens to make Chandresh a beggar

Feb 08, 2017

Woh Apna Sa Latest News: Chandresh breaks TV set, Nisha punishes Chandresh by making him sit with beggars

A major twist awaits in the upcoming episode of Zee TV show Woh Apna Sa as Aditya's (Ssudeep Sahir) father, Chandresh will face major brunt from Aditya's cunning wife Nisha (Ridhi Dogra Vashisht). It is known that Nisha is a greedy woman and wants to break away Aditya from his family. Nisha makes the drama of being a good wife and a good daughter in law in front of Aditya's family, but in reality, Nisha wants money and power. Aditya's father Chandresh suffers from the element of Dementia and starts behaving like a small kid from time to time. Chandresh needs special attention and care which irks Nisha. In the upcoming episode of Woh Apna Sa, Chandresh will face a miserable time by Nisha as he will suffer a Dementia attack. It will be seen that Chandresh will get Dementia attack and he will start acting as a kid. Chandresh will play with a ball and mistakenly the ball will hit the Television set. The television set will break and this will make Nisha furious. Nisha will take Chandresh to a side and will scold him bitterly. Nisha will even take Chandresh out of the home and make him sit with the beggars. Later Nisha will warn Chandresh that if Chandresh makes such mistake again, she will turn Chandresh into a beggar and will throw out of the house. Will Aditya come to know the torture inflicted by Nisha on his father? Stay tuned in for more updates on Zee TV show Woh Apna Sa.

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