Woh Apna Sa: Nisha traps Jia in Samar's murder case using Arjun

Nov 14, 2017

Woh Apna Sa Upcoming Twist: Nisha (Mansi Salvi) plans to trap Jia for Samar's death using Arjun (Sudeep Sahir)

The upcoming episode of Zee TV's popular show Woh Apna Sa is up for some high voltage drama. Nisha finally finds out the truth that Jia is not a ghost while its a fake drama created by Jia and also finds that Samar knows about it. On the other hand, Samar is hospitalized and Nisha tries to kill Samar by suffocating him. Besides, Jia tries to get Samar so that she can find out Nisha's evil truth and Samar can help her with this as he is against Nisha. But Unfortunately Nisha kills Samar before Jia could reach him. Samar takes his last breath while Jia and Arjun are shocked. Jia wanted Arjun to find out the truth from Samar but as soon as he could reach Samar was dead. While, Nisha now uses Arjun to trap Jia in Samar's murder while Arjun is ready to do anything for money. Lets wait and watch how Jia will help herself from getting trapped in Nisha's plans. Find out on Woh Apna Sa only on Zee TV. Till then keep reading this space for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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