YRKKH: Naira faces brunt of Kartik's Dadi for separate Kaira home

Dec 27, 2016

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News: Kartik's Dadi holds Naira responsible for Kartik's decision to leave Goenka Villa

The upcoming track of Star Plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will bring new twist in Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira's (Shivangi Joshi) tale as the past of Goenka family and the reason of Kartik's hatred towards his family will start getting revealed. As seen in the recent episodes, Kartik and Naira's kundlis don't match up, however, Kartik convinced his Dadi that he wants to marry Naira as they love each other truly. Later Kartik will be seen furious to know that his Dadi lied about her sickness to him so that Kartik returns to Goenka Villa. Kartik gets furious and decides to live separately with Naira after their wedding. Naira gets shocked with Kartik's decision as she doesn't want Kartik to part with his family. But then Kartik reveals to Naira that his father Manish and Swarna have been responsible for his mother's death. Kartik will be seen visiting Sighania house and will apologize to Naitik (Vishal Singh) and rest of the family. Kartik will inform them that he has decided to stay separately with Naira post the wedding. Naitik and Singhania family will be shocked while right then Kartik's Dadi will enter and will be upset on Kartik's decision. Naira will try to console Kartik's Dadi, but instead Dadi will get angry with Naira and will blame Naira's for Kartik's decision. Naira will be shocked and shattered but will be consoled by her Nani. Stay tuned in for more updates on Star Plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

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