YRKKH Upcoming: Kaira face more trouble as Kartik gets stuck at Dance Academy

Jan 18, 2018

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News: Kartik gets taunted as Naira's slave by Goenka family

The upcoming episode of Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will bring more drama and trouble for Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi) as Kartik will get stuck in a problem at Naira's Dance Academy. YRKKH serial is currently showing the track where Kartik is facing Goenka family's brunt and is being called as Naira's slave (Joru Ka Gulam) by Dadi and Manish (Sachin Tyagi). While Kartik and Naira are hurt by Goenka family's tauntings, Kartik gets determined to prove his worth in front of Manish by working hard in the office.

YRKKH News: Kartik determined to win over Manish

But Kartik's determination will see a major hurdle as a new problem will crop up in Naira's Dance Academy. Apparently, a student in Naira's class will create Dharmendra's Sholay scene of getting drunk and threatening to kill himself for his love, Rano. Naira will get scared and will try to bring the student down, who will remain adamant. Kartik will reach the Dance Academy and both Kartik and Naira will smartly handle the situation. However, in all this, Kartik will get late for his work. Moreover, Kartik will be wanting to give a chance to Shubham to prove himself in the Office. But Kartik will turn bad in the bargain. What will Kartik do? Keep reading this place for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on YRKKH serial.

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