Zindagi Ki Mahek: Karela King Shaurya turns down Mahek’s friendship attempts

Sep 22, 2016

Zindagi Ki Mahek: Mahek (Sameeksha Jaiswal) confused as Karela King Shaurya (Karan Vohra) tries to shirk her friendship advances

Zee TV’s new show Zindagi Ki Mahek is turning out to be quite a cute and likable story with food being the central theme of the show. The story revolves around Mehek, an orphan girl who lives in with her uncles, aunts, grandfather and great grandmother. Mahek’s aunt wants her to get married soon and therefore encourages her to get a proper job and also lose wait to get a suitable match. Mahek gets rejected by a prospective groom and everyone in the house gets worried for her. However, Mehek does not believe in taking stress and gets down with cooking delicious food for her family as she believes that someday food will only help her to find her Mr. Right. On the other hand, Mahek stumbles apon a person online who calls himself a Karela King. Mahek tries to chat with this person but he does not reply. Finally Karela King starts chatting with Mahek and Mahek reveals to him about the troubles in her family. Mahek talks about her family wanting her to get married. Karela King advices Mahek to think carefully as marriage is a perfect dish and even if one spice is less then the dish can get spoilt. Mahek is impressed with his words and replies to him saying she feels that she knows him very well. This makes Karela King aka Sahurya tensed and he ends the chat with Mahek. Hwy is Shaurya wary of talking to Mahek? How will Mahek and Shaurya’s paths cross with each other? Stay tuned for more updates on Zindagi Ki Mahek.

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