Zindagi Ki Mahek latest news: Shaurya’s deep love for Mehek confirmed

Dec 19, 2016


Zindagi Ki Mahek latest news: Shaurya (Karan Vohra) heartbreak and tears proves his undying love for Mehak (Samiksha Jaiswal)

 The current track of Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehek shows that Shaurya’s love for Mehek finally gets revealed as he is ready to do anything to win back her love and trust. Mehek and Shaurya’s alliance meeting gets badly spoilt when a big fight emerges between the two families. Mehak and her family members get insulted by Khanna and Svetlana. Ravi gets completely drunk and forces Khanna to have a drink with him but Khanna loses his cool and slaps Khanna. Mehek and Shaurya witness this and both get shocked and hurt. Svetlana further spoils the situation as she insults Mehek’s family calling them roadside people who could not handle expensive food and wine. Hearing the barrage of insults thrown at her family, Mehek is completely heartbroken and she walks out of Shaurya’s house. Shaurya is hurt too seeing how Mehek and her family were embarrassed by his family. When Mehek walks out of his house, Shaurya has tears in his eyes which is a clear indication that Shaurya too has fallen deeply in love with Mehek and is disturbed seeing her heartbroken. It will now be seen that Shaurya will not accept Mehek walking out of his life and he will decide to win back the trust and love of Mehek and her family. Shaurya will move to Mehek’s hosue and will sleep outside her house the entire night. Shaurya will want Mahek’s family to give a place in their house so that he can coax them to accept the alliance once again. Viewers will now get to see Shaurya’s sweet and loving side which has never been shown before. Stay tuned for more updates on Zindagi Ki Mahek.

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