Zindagi Ki Mahek: Mahek gets rejected by groom for being kitchen queen

Sep 19, 2016

Zindagi Ki Mahek: Mahek (Sameeksha Jaiswal) hopeful of finding her Mr. Right (Karan Vohra) through her love for food

Zee TV has rolled out a new show called Zindagi Ki Mahek and it seems to be a simple show with a cute little love story set in it. Zindagi Ki Mahek revolves around Mahek who is a young Delhi based girl. The first scene of the show itself emphasizes on the point that Mahek is passionate about cooking and feeding people. Mahek wakes up early each morning in order to make a lavish breakfast for her family. Mahek lives with her paternal uncle and his family as her own parents have died. The entire family is happy with the way Mahek makes amazing food for them but her chichi does not like this. Chachi feels that Mahek should concentrate on finding a good job so that she can get an ideal groom. Maheks’s chachi also wants Mahek to lose some weight as her sole moto is to get Mahek married. A prospective groom comes to meet Mahek and ask her about her work. Mahek informs him that she works in a small food joint as cooking is her passion. The guy gets disappointed as he wants an earning wife and not someone who spends all her time in the kitchen. Mahek gets rejected by the guy but she does not lose hope as she knows that her love for food will help her to find her Mr. Right. It will now be seen that the male lead of the show will be introduced who will be called Karela King on his social media profile. Will Mahek and Karela King start a new and refreshing love story? Let’s wait and watch.

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