Zindagi Ki Mahek: Mahek’s plan to reunite Shaurya & Rajiv’s partnership

Dec 27, 2016

Zindagi Ki Mahek: Rajiv breaks partnership with Shaurya (Karan Vohra) because of Mehek (Samiksha Jaiswal)

Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehek will now showcase heartbreak and despair for Shaurya and Mehek as Shaurya tries hard to win Mehek’s love and trust. Shaurya is making every attempt to adjust in Mehek’s house and adapt to her lifestyle. However, Mehek knows that Shaurya is facing a lot of difficulty in her house. Mehek cannot see Shaurya going through so much trouble and therefore she breaks down and asks Shaurya to go back to his house. However, Shaurya has made up his mind that he will return to his house only if Mahek comes along with him. Shaurya faces all the problems in Mahek’s house as he is keen to win back her love and marry her. However, Shaurya does not realize that his business too is getting affected because of his stubbornness to get married to Mahek. Rajiv lands up at Mehek’s house and accuses Shaurya of ignoring their business and staying at Mahek’s house. However, Shaurya makes it clear to Rajiv that his stay in Mehek’s house is much more important than their new hotel business. Shaurya’s words make Rajiv angry and he decides to break all ties with Shaurya and goes away. Mahek witnesses Rajiv and Shaurya’s partnership breaking up because of her and she gets more hurt and distressed. It will now be seen that Mahek will purposely lay out a plan to make sure Shaurya gets out of her house soon and returns to his normal life. Mehek will make Shaurya’s stay in her house more and more difficult to make sure Shaurya’s leaves. Will Mehek be able to salvage Shaurya and Rajiv’s partnership? Stay tuned for more updates on Zindagi Ki Mahek.

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