Zindagi Ki Mehek latest news: Mehek gets into bed with terrorist Armaan

Feb 01, 2018

Zindagi Ki Mehek latest news: Shaurya (Karan Vohra) helpless as Armaan is about to take away Mehek’s (Samiksha Jaiswal) dignity

Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehek is all set to bring a shocking twist in the storyline as Mehek will be in danger of spending the night with terrorist Armaan Malik as she thinks that he is Shaurya. Armaan’s plan to execute the bomb blast fails as Shaurya reaches in time to save everyone. As the bomb is about to explode, Shaurya alerts everyone about the bomb and Mehek succeeds to throw the bomb before it kills anyone. Shaurya’s condition is very bad and he is checked by the doctor. On the other hand, Armaan is furious with Nalini for ruining their plan and also blames her for Shaurya’s escape.

Armaan will disguise as Shaurya and take Mehek to bed

However, viewers will now get to see that Armaan will once again succeed to take Shaurya back in captivity by faking to be a doctor. Armaan is determined to seek revenge from Shaurya and therefore he will decide to ruin Mehek’s dignity. Nalini will evilly inform Shaurya about Armaan getting physically close to Mehek and Shaurya will be furious. On the other side, Armaan will disguise as Shaurya and will get into bed with Mehek to spend the night with her. Mehek is completely unaware that the man she is about to sleep with his Armaan and not Shaurya. Will Mehek spend the night with Armaan or will she be saved? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Zindagi KI Mehek.

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