Zindagi Ki Mehek latest news: Shaurya to rescue Neev and himself from Armaan’s trap

Feb 03, 2018

Zindagi Ki Mehek latest news: Shaurya’s second plan to escape, Mehek (Samiksha Jaiswal) realizes Nalini’s hidden motive

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehek will show that evil Armaan will take away Neev from Mehek and make her as his captive, Armaan lies to Mehek that he will take Neev to Singapore for treatment but instead he takes him as a captive. Neev tries very hard to explain to Mehek about Armaan’s mask but Mehek fails to understand his signals. Mehek is heartbroken as Neev is taken away from him but she is completely unaware about the deep danger in which Neev has landed.

Mehek understands Nalini’s hidden motive

Armaan warns Neev that he will kill him if he tries to contact Mehek. Neev is in a big dilemma but very soon, Shaurya will come to know about Neev being captivated and he will come to rescue him. Shaurya will be shocked seeing Neev’s condition and will try to rescue Neev and make a plan to run away with him. On the other hand, Mehek comes to know that Nalini has some secret plan and she is being helped by the unknown man whom she has seen near White Chilies. Will Mehek be able to expose Nalini’s plan and will she find out about Armaan’s truth? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Zindagi Ki Mehek.

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