Zindagi Ki Mehek: Mehek to escape from evil husband and reach Shaurya’s house

Oct 15, 2017

Zindagi Ki Mehek latest news: Mehek’s (Samiksha Jaiswal) destiny to bring her back to Shaurya (Karan Vohra) despite of her evil husband Mandar

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehek will show that Mehek aka Vandana will soon return to Delhi and meet Shaurya once again but she will face big trouble because of her evil husband Mandar. Mehek has lost her memory and started leading a completely new life being Mandar’s wife Vandana and she is being tortured by him. Mehek is dead to the world and no one knows that she is actually alive and is now leading a new life being someone else’s wife. However, Mehek is facing a lot of difficulties as Mandar is a tyrant and misbehaves with her. Mandar has kept Mehek like a caged bird and does not give her any freedom. Moreover, Mahek has become a mother to a boy named Neev who is Mandar’s son and she is extremely attached to Neev. Shaurya returns to the village where Mehek now lives and the two of them cross paths several times but they are unable to meet. However, Destiny will soon bring Mehek and Shaurya face to face once again as Mandar’s father gets invited to sing at Vicky’s wedding. Mandar’s father wants Mehek and Neev to accompany him to Delhi where he will sing at the wedding. However, before Mehek and Neev can escape, Mandar catches Mehek and brings her back to the house. Mandar tortures both Mehek and Neev for trying to escape. Very soon, Mehek will make another attempt to escape from the house but she will get caught by Mandar again. Will Mehek be able to reach Delhi and meet Shaurya once again? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Zindagi Ki Mehek.

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